Disclaimer: Unless stated otherwise, the professional wrestlers named on this blog have no affiliation with its contents or me and consequently the views expressed about them on here are merely personal deductions that have been made by me. They do no in anyway represent the actuality of any of the individuals listed. This blog has also been created and updated by a maniac who should probably not be allowed on the internet in the first place or near plastic forks.

A general guide to how I have come to these conclusions/theories

  1. Confirmation: If they have actually said that they are an atheist or not.
  2. Deductions: Comments and indications through communication. What they have said in interviews, social media or in passing may give an indication into what they may or may not believe.
  3. Political Allegiance: Somewhat torn on this, it maybe an unpopular and even an unfair way to calculate ones belief in a God, but it is one of many ways to come to a conclusion.
  4. Demographic/Profile: Wrestlers who may fit the same “mould” will be taken into consideration, keeping in mind the point 3. and takes into account the wrestlers demographic, where they were from, raised, etc. which we know can have an influence on this.

Confirmed – This section lists wrestlers who have specifically commented on and confirmed that they are atheists.

  • MVP – One of the few openly atheist professional wrestlers.
  • Shane Helms – Another one of the few openly atheist professional wrestlers.
  • Jim Cornette – Probably the most open atheist in the wrestling industry at the current time. It wouldn’t come a surprise that he is very open about it, as Jim Cornette isn’t afraid to tell anybody what he thinks and loudly.
  • CM Punk – Until recently he was all but confirmed, but then stated it via his Twitter. [1] [2]

Probable – This section lists wrestlers ranging from those who are reckoned to be atheists all the way up to those who have all but confirmed it.

  • Austin Aries – Suspected, CM Punk similarities, Gervais, Twitter deductions. Profile, Comments
  • Dolph Ziggler – Lesser so, but similar to above. Political, Profile.
  • Daniel Bryan – Same mould as previously listed, comments, profile.
  • Raven – Mould, Profile
  • William Regal – Demographic/profile

Potential – This section deals with wrestlers who could potentially be atheists, but have not made very strong statements either way.

  • Mick Foley – Political, Comments
  • Chris Masters – Don’t let the crucifixes on his arms tell the whole story. Masters once stated that he was “not really a religious guy”, however the distinction between “religious” and “belief in a God” is not clear.
  • Colt Cabana – “Not a super-Jew” from the words of Colt. Friends with Punk, etc.
  • Christopher Daniels – Mould,
  • Paul Heyman –
  • Wade Barrett – Demographic/profile
  • Al Snow
  • Antonio Cesaro – Demographic
  • Christian (Yeah, I know)
  • Carlito
  • Jimmy Yang – Mould
  • Evan Bourne – Mould, Political
  • Ricardo Rodruigez (Possibly Buddhist) – Political, comments

Could go either way – People I am torn on.

  • Stone Cold
  • Chris Jericho
  • Kane
  • Undertaker
  • Randy Orton

Definitely nots – Openly religious, God-fearing, omnipotent-being-believing, pro-‘rass-lers.

  • Shawn Michaels
  • Kurt Angle
  • JR
  • The Rock
  • Booker T
  • TJ Perkins
  • AJ Styles
  • Road Dogg
  • Ezekiel Jackson